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The goals of the IARED Conference include broadening collaboration within the many fields of outdoor education and recreation, creating higher-quality educational opportunities, building professional skills and knowledge, strengthening professionalism with the membership, broadening networking opportunities, leveraging the community in advocacy and public policy efforts, and raising awareness of the value and impact of outdoor education and recreation.

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"Knowledge is one such tool that can drive away all the darkness of life." Let's explore the latest developments and obstacles in the field together and brainstorm creative solutions.

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Research Solutions


International Accademy of Research Engineers and Doctors is a digital social enterprise platform that focuses on developing Research Ecosystems towards outstanding global scholars. We built collaborative networks among researchers, lecturers, scholars, and practitioners globally for the realization of knowledge acceleration. We provide unique opportunities for Researcher’s, Advertisers, Exhibitors and Sponsors at this International event to share their ideas and improve their Network. IARED is the leading scholarly publisher of journals and books in engineering, business and management. IARED aims to provide good quality research experience to scientists, teaching Professions and also for students. In order to maintain high quality, our products undergo double-blind peer reviewed research through our experienced research team.


The major objective of IARED is the career development of faculties and the personality development of the students and the overall development of the technical education and society.
To provide a world class platform to researchers, academicians and professionals to share their research findings by organizing International/National Conferences & Webinars


  • Vision of a united platform to explore research with opportunity to innovate multidisciplinary scopes and applications of professional studies.
  • Vision of a conglomerate of scientific and academic associations working for humanity.
  • Vision of digitalising innovation processes through our professional networking services.


  • To assure quality of incubation and innovation processes from the nook and corner of the world.
  • To connect professionals at an integrated platform for growth to divert knowledge and skills towards sustainable application of professional education.
  • To ensure excellent opportunities for sharing and gaining knowledge through our professional activities and scientific conferences.
  • To work with organisations to upgrade scopes of professional studies and research by monitoring further opportunities and applications.

World Research Library

International Academy of Research Engineers and Doctors is a global publisher of scientific works and official Taylor & Francis textbook distributor, We provide trusted content by an expert, both academicians or practitioners, through a rigorous scientific process. World Research Library aims to spread a good understanding of the development of science recently for researchers, academics, professionals, and students.

Three Steps To Be A Global Scholar

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Every big achievement must start with single and real steps. Not only the steps, we provide the WHOLE ecosystem that support your research more impactful and meaningful.


Who Can Attend the Conference?

  • Research Scholars
  • Educators
  • Industry Professionals(CEOs, CMOs, Vice-Presidents, Directors, GMs)
  • Practitioners (Brand Specialists, Head of Marketing)
  • Delegates
  • Stakeholders
  • Editorial Board Members of Journals
  • Innovators
  • Faculty
  • PhD Scholars
  • MBA/Msc. Students
  • Government Officials
  • Technology Experts
  • Students
  • Alumni's


Why to Attend the Conference?

  • Interact With Eminent International Speakers
  • Participate in Stimulating Case discussions
  • Join Special Interest Groups
  • Access New and Profound Research Ideas
  • Showcase your latest research findings through either the means of an oral or poster presentation
  • Connect with top industry experts at the conference
  • Avail opportunities to network and exchange ideas
  • Get inspired towards undertaking professional studies
  • Network with like minded peers
  • Share you knowledge to enhance the growth of your field
  • Gain recognition & earn a reputation
  • Make your presence felt at an epoch-defining making conference


Benefits of Publishing With Conference Proceedings

  • The entire process will be handled through the Online Journal System in a very professional manner
  • The double-blind peer-reviewing process will ensure that you receive developmental feedback on your paper
  • DOI link provided by crossref for your manuscript
  • Archive your manuscripts in Online Journal System (OJS), maintain by TIIKM and enhance citations for your manuscript
  • Share your paper in any web-based sources/ author profiles to strengthen your academic profile
  • Grab this opportunity and get you into a Ph.D. or Master’s program easily and apply for scholarships
  • Having published work will give you a promotional boost to advance your career path and make you more confident

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